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Why become a member?

Herbalife Nutrition is a member for a variety of reasons.
Most of them choose to buy the products they and their families use at wholesale prices.
The purchase price is determined by a point system (volume points) and displayed in the price list under Discount 25%, 35%, 42%.

Maybe an extra income:

Others want to earn part-time additional income and try direct sales.
So it is possible by further members who register under their own ID to increase volume points and thus the discount level.
If you reach the Level Qualified Member 42%, you will already receive an income from intermediate trade 7 -17% to Herbalife.

Access as a member:

Your membership gives you worldwide access to Myherbalife with over 90 herbalife shops in the local language, as well as access to hundreds of interesting videos from the video library with information on nutrition, fitness, product training and much more.... 

They learn a great deal about their well-being and quality of life, so they can inspire other people to become members of Herbalife Nutrition.

Build Business:

If you operate network marketing, it could become the foundation of an international business and get them into other Herbalife business stages, which can result in disbursements with so-called passive income and discounts from the 50% price list, as well as intermediate trading 8 -25%.
If they are interested, their sponsor or upline will provide you with the knowledge you need.

No obligations:

You do not have to buy large quantities of goods or other materials.
You also do not have to use the Herbalife business opportunity, but can only buy discounted products for your own consumption.

Guaranty for members:

If membership is revoked for any reason, there is a guarantee that 100% of the products purchased in the previous 12 months will be reimbursed.

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